Membership Information

Why be a member, and how can you become one at Westside?

If you want to be a part of helping us make disciples by helping people know, follow, and serve Jesus here and around the world, then we encourage you to consider starting the membership process.

Why should i join a church?

Joining a local church is an important step for all believers who are desiring to grow in their walk with Christ. Not only is it an important step, it is a needed one for all believers because it provides the community, accountability, and opportunity to maximize your gifts for God's glory.

What are the expectations for members of westside?

Membership is not a light matter. It is more than just putting your name on a role; rather, it is a commitment that you are making to a group of people. That comes with a high calling, and at the same time, all who are followers of Christ are called to be members of a church. In short, all prospective members must be willing to commit their time, energy, and resources to further the mission of Christ through Westside while also preserving the purity of the church.

How can I join Westside?

There are three steps that we ask everyone to take as they seek to become a member at Westside:

  1. Meet with a Pastor. This time allows us to get to know you, hear your story, and answer any questions you may have about the church.
  2. Attend the Membership Matters Course. This course is offered bi-monthly, and it outlines the key components of membership at our church.
  3. Get involved in the life of the church. We ask every prospective member to get involved in the ministries of the church. In short, we want our members to be plugged into the life of the church more than just in worship on Sundays.

After meeting with the pastor and attending the Membership Matters Course, there are several ways a person may join Westside Baptist Church:

  1. By profession of faith in Christ and baptism into the church as a follower of Jesus.
  2. By a letter of recommendation from another Baptist Church of like faith and order of which you were a member.
  3. By restoration based upon a prior conversion experience and baptism in a Baptist church of like faith and order when no letter is obtainable.
  4. If coming from another Christian denomination, by statement of a prior conversion experience and believer’s baptism by immersion. If baptism was (a) not by immersion or (b) not done as an act of obedience symbolizing one’s faith relationship with Jesus Christ, then the person requesting membership must be baptized.

If you are interested in joining Westside or learning more about it, please fill out a connect card below. The pastor will reach out to you in order to set up a time to meet and discuss membership in more detail.