Babies-One Year Olds

When is the Nursery available?

SUNDAY SCHOOL 9AM // Sunday Morning - 10:30am service // WEDNESDAY NIGHTS 6:30-7:30PM

What will my child do in nursery?

It is our pleasure to love and nurture little ones in the love of Jesus during our service times. Your children can be rocked, cuddled, or have plenty of time to move and play in a safe, peaceful and loving environment.

What happens if my child gets upset?

All of us understand that leaving your little one can be stressful. Our team will communicate with you to understand how much crying is acceptable to you as every parent feels differently about this. We can communicate with you via text to give you updates and if we need you during the service.

What procedures are in place to keep my little one safe and the germs at bay?

The nursery is constantly evaluated for safety hazards. Our team makes any adjustments needed to ensure safety and will notify leadership of anything needing attention beyond their control. The nursery including the toys, carpet, changing table and other surfaces are cleaned routinely.

Wiggle Room

Feel free to take your restless little one to our Wiggle Room in the front foyer of the worship center.