2 Year Olds-PreK

Preschoolers are busy every Sunday digging into God’s Word play, music, and their senses through engaging and age-appropriate experiences. On Sunday mornings, we use Group Hands-On curriculum for our 2 year olds and Lifeway Gospel Project for our older preschoolers. The Gospel Project is a 3 year, chronological look at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Sunday School at 9am

Exciting Sunday School classes await your preschooler. Bring them to the preschool wing starting at 8:45am. Then they'll stay in their classes for the 10:30am service.

Sunday Mornings 10:30am Service

Join us and drop your preschoolers off between 10:15-10:30AM in the Preschool Wing.






Parents will check their child(ren) in/out using our secure Planning Center system. To register and for more information, stop by the Preschool Desk.