Small Groups

Small Groups exist to gather people together to apply God's Word, Fellowship, and Serve others.

What's the purpose of small groups?

At Westside, the purpose of small groups is to help one another be DOERS of God's Word and not just HEARERS only. Without community, it can be very easy to come to church, sing some songs, listen to a sermon, and then leave without it having any impact on our lives. The hope for small groups is to change this by bringing people together to discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday and to help one another apply it to their lives. So, in short, small groups are sermon-based and application-based groups.

When and where do groups meet?

Currently, we have two options for the times and places we meet:

Sundays @ 4:30 pm

These groups meet in homes. (Childcare is available)

  • Carey & April Alexander - 40's-60's
  • Matt & Kristen Catlin - 20's-40's
  • Jack & Katherine Hanes - 20's-30's
  • Trevor & Audree Williams - 20's-30's
  • David & Tammy Wilson - 20's-40's

Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm

These groups meet in classrooms at the church. (Childcare is provided)

  • Darren & Jenny Jackson - 20's-40's (Room 300)
  • Stephen & Erika Compton - 20's-40's (Room 301)
  • Fred & Margaret Richter - 50's and up (Room 302)
  • Josh & Becca Madding - 20's-30's (Room 304)
  • Justin & Hannah Palmer - All ages (Room 305)
  • Justen & Allie Pollock - 20's-30's (Room 307)

How can I join a group?

If you would like to join a group, you can either show up on Wednesday night and go to a class OR you can fill out the interest card below. If you have any questions about a group, you can also fill out the interest card below and someone will reach out to you shortly.