Adult Sunday School

Sunday morning groups meet at 9am and 10:30am

Sunday School Options:

9:00 AM Sunday School

  • Room 300 - Ladies Only 60+ (Teacher: Debbie Adams)
  • Room 303 - Ladies Only 60+ (Friendship Class)
  • Room 307 - All Ages 4 Week Study (Teacher: Justin Palmer)
  • Room 308 - Adults 50+ (Teacher: Smotherman & Peeler)

10:30 AM Sunday School

  • Room 302 - Adults 40s-60s (Teacher: Jason Carson)
  • Room 307 - All Ages 4 Week Study (Teachers: Clark & Osborne)
  • Room 308 - Adults 60+ (Teacher: John Thompson)


EQUIP Classes are topic-based classes that allow people to attend a class of their choice. The following options will be offered in the Fall and Spring, so you will have the opportunity to attend two. Classes for Fall 2023 begin on Sunday, September 10.

9:00 Service Time:

Meeting God (Room 301) - Teachers: Justin Palmer / Shane Osborne

Dive into a deeper understanding of who God is, how He is revealed throughout Scripture, and how that impacts our lives.

God-Centered Worldview (Room 305) - Teachers: Trevor Williams / Wade Clark

How you look at the world matters. What does it mean to view world issues through a worldview that focuses on the glory of God?

Christians in the Workplace (Room 307) -Teachers: Darren Jackson / Josh Madding

What is the significance of your work, and how can you use your job to be a place of influence for the gospel?

Seamless Women's Study (Room 302) - Teacher: Meg Norsworthy

Replace your insecurity of the Bible and move forward confidently in understanding Scripture. Seamless ties Scripture to the truth of the gospel message.

10:30 Service Time:

How To Study God's Word (Room 305) - Teachers: David Eaton / Brian Canerdy

The Bible is meant to be read and comprehended by everyone. Learn how to understand the different parts of the Bible, its meaning, and its implications today.

Gospel-Centered Life (Room 307) - Teacher: Luke Henry

Christians talk about the gospel, but how many really understand how it applies to their daily lives? Learn what it looks like to have the gospel shape every aspect of our lives.

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